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Financial Services

Our financial services cover everything your company needs for proper money management. These include: Financial Advisory, Consultancy, Risk Management and Investment Guidance.

Financial Advisory

We provide comprehensive accounting and financial management solutions that address the complexities and challenges of financial accounting that many organizations – whether SME or conglomerates – face. We offer a range of solutions for all organizations at every level of business complexity, from basic handwritten records in the smallest units and centers, to simple computerized accounting for SMEs, and on to more substantive computerized accounting solutions for larger enterprises, with significant turnover.

In all we do, we provide robust but simple ways of accounting, disbursing and managing funds in the most transparent way. Our approach is to work from the bottom – up: to get individuals operating better so that their organizations are doing a better job.

Whether implemented directly or through donors, international partners and civil society organizations, we offer customized financial management solutions that enables us identify risks efficiently and effectively and provide complete assurance in Accounting and Financial Management.


We follow a client-focused approach that consists of a dedication from our team to put the right efforts to best serve our clients and a willingness to work in close cooperation that leads to the transfer of knowledge to our clients and to achieve better results.

Our objective is not only the successful completion of projects, but we also strive to building up a strong engagement towards our customers. Our commitment involves efficiency and integrity. We aim to deliver reliable projects and reports and to provide our customers with effective and accurate results.

Risk Management

The uncertain economic times of the past few years have had a major effect on how companies operate these days. Companies that used to operate smoothly with the help of forecasts and projections now refrain from making business judgements that are set in stone. Now, companies have a renewed focus: to manage risk.

At Leumas, we can help you minimize your risks. Our project specialists and technical experts offer you assistance at every stage, for your specific needs anywhere in the world.

Our comprehensive range of risk management services are in full compliance with international risk management standards and include:

  • Risk management planning
  • Risk identification
  • Quantitative and qualitative risk analyses
  • Risk handling
  • Management of residual risk
  • Independent third-party research, surveys, market studies, feasibility studies and due diligence assessments
  • Equator principles monitoring

With these services, we can help you:

  • Achieve objectives in terms of quality, safety, cost, scheduling and performance
  • Improve cost estimates by managing realistic and relevant contingencies
  • Assure greater certainty about financial and execution outcomes
  • Ensure your transactions are secure

Measurement of loss exposures through analysis of the probable frequency and severity of loss can help to reduce the uncertainty involved and lead to corrective action.

Investment Guidance

We offer a broad range of products and services to help you pursue your financial goals, and we can help you choose the right approach. We believe that every company has its own specific goals and so we are committed to listening and understanding what matters the most to our clients before helping in the development and management of a proper investment strategy.